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You are Chris! The loud, party animal! Though you often seem to not care about things and enjoy partying for hours on end, deep down, you are a caring friend and a bit insecure. You are very, very lazy! You want things to be done for you, without any effort from your own part. You have ambitions, but due to your lack of direction, you have problems in reaching them. However, due to your personality traits, you are prone to change and often listen to the advice of others. You are not strikingly intelligent, but you are smart enough and confident enough to accomplish things that you set out - but only if you put enough effort into it. Some things in life may have stopped you from being as open to people as you can, but as your begin to mature more and more, you will be able to communicate with others better and prove people wrong for underestimating you!! Always stay true to yourself.

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