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JJ (Jones)

You are JJ! You're the friendly guy who everyone loves to be around! You are genuine, loyal and thoughtful. You are very trusting of others and a bit naive when it comes to certain things. You think very simplisticly and are extremely kind to others. You are very selfless and often think of others before yourself, which is sign of your goodness. You are very friendly and enjoy making friends, but you can be a bit shy at times. People may take advantage of your innocence and you need to voice your own opinions. You need to stand up to those who push your around and start to learn how to be independent. Overall, you are a great guy who thinks positively and is very trustworthy. You are fun to be around and you're a great listener, too. You should take some risks and try new things that might teach you a few interesting things! Keep being yourself and always have fun and smile!

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