Nikita Rodrigues ... What Yr 10 Kilbreda girl are you?
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Nikita Rodrigues

Nikita Rodrigues, she's bringing black back, not that it ever went anywhere ;) You are one smoking nigga. Enjoys shocking people with your innapropriate black jokes. ' It's cuz im black'. Also, ' Amarra shawck would love to bend you over'. Not only is she an intellectual, she enjoys expanding her vocabulary and brain power, which is already at the strength of one million elephants might i add. Nikita is often seen cruising the streets tagging ' C.S LATOYA & W.W SHANIQUA WEED FOR $500' on random buses and stations.. or otherwisee chllin wit your sudos in DANDDYY BRO with saihini cuz you aree one hektikk child.

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