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Charlotte Vass

Charlotte Vass, or should I say Vasculine? I'm just kidding, she's not masculine at all, so maybe Charlotte Vaseline would be more appropriate, considering her obsession with applying lip gloss 24/7. When Charley isn't applying lipgloss, she is in fits of laughter on the ground over something that is not neccesarily that funny.Besides from having heart failure over jokes, Charlotte also finds that sick jokes are not really her cup of tea, one can witness this when saying the word 'vomit' or 'birth sack' and seeing Charley crawl into a fetal position. So I think its true that the general population has established that Charley would much rather be a flower child than a midwife.Although Charley's innocence is one the most dominant parts of her personality (the daisy halo adds to this appearance), we all know that Charley secretely enjoys dirty jokes and being quite the prankster, it's her guilty pleasure! but shh, don't tell anyone, it's a secret!

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