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VATA - "Wind"

Vata is the principle of movement and change. It can be identified as the Wind Element. People with a predominance of Vata in their nature tend to be thin, light, and quick in thoughts and actions. Change is a constant part of Life. When a Vata is balanced, they are creative, enthusiastic, and lively. If imbalanced, however, they may develop anxiety, insomnia, dry skin, or irregular digestion. Vata Characteristics Mind: Creative, quick, imaginative Body: Thin, light frame Skin: Dry Hair: Dry Appetite: Delicate, spontaneous, often miss meals Routine: Variable, spontaneous Temperament: Welcomes new experiences, excitable, friendly, energetic Conversation Style: Loves to talk!! Shopping Style: Buy, buy, buy. Stress Response: What did I do wrong? Tendency to blame oneself To help balance your VATA try ZRII products (endorsed by the Chopra Center) by visiting:

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