PITTA - "Fire"... What Is Your Basic Nature
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PITTA - "Fire"

Pitta is the principle of transformation represented in our digestion of ideas, sensory experiences, emotions, and food. It is associated with the Fire element. People with a predominance of Pitta in their nature tend to be muscular, smart, and determined. If balanced, a Pitta is warm, intelligent, and a good leader. If out of balanace, Pitta can make us critical, irritable, and aggressive. Pitta Characteristics Mind: Sharp, intellectual, direct, precise, discerning Body: Medium build, warm, muscular Skin: Sensitive, flush, acne-prone Hair: Tendency towards early graying or thinning Appetite: Strong, can eat just about anything, anytime Routine: Very precise and organized Temperament: Passionate, driven, courageous, strong sex drive, good leader Conversation Style: Speaks to convey a point Shopping Style: Spends on luxury items Stress Response: Irritable, tendency to blame others. To help balance your PITTA try ZRII products (endorsed by the Chopra Center) by visiting: https://michelle.myzrii.com/register/index.xhtml?locale=en_US

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