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you are a poser, who just got into skateboarding in the last year because of some other kids and you think their style is cool. your especially easy to find because your parents are CHEAP, you walk around in airwalks from walmart, and generic non brand skinny jeans bought on SALEfor $14 at hottopic, topped off with a volcom shirt bought as a special birthday present(("omg 15 bucks for a shirt no shirt is worth that much maybe well get it for christmas" says your parents)), and you only get one everycouple months. you also lie, saying you have fallens (and event if you did, they would be unscathed for eternity, and you would have them for like 2 years). you make up shit saying tricks you can do, and when you actually go to the skate park, which you wouldnt do if it wasnt for yur friends dragging you their, you suck like hell.

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