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You are Cassie! You are sarcastic, eccentric and above all, a bit wacky! You strive to be different, but no matter what, you always say what you think and you are always yourself. You're great at noticing details and you can read people well. You are sometimes brutally honest and a bit inconsiderate, but that's just the way you roll! You don't find the need to lie and you appreciate those who are honest to you. You don't aspire to be popular or want people to like you, but you do want to feel loved and cared for. You also have other insecurities, but you often cover them up with your strong exterior. You should try to communicate more with others and try to find similar interests with them to help you to be more open about your feelings and emotions. Never keep things inside, because they could eventually blow out and cause major problems for you. Always be happy and true to yourself!

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