Naomi... Which Skins (all seasons) girl are you?
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You are Naomi! You're caring, honest and full of wit! You don't find the need to fit in with others and you love being who you are. On the outside, you are strong and opinionated, but inside, you have insecurities and you want to feel appreciated and loved. Sometimes you feel lonely, but your strong-will and determination often helps you to move forward with your ambitions and accomplish things that you never expected you could! Sometimes you may be too serious, so you should chill out and have a bit of a laugh! Try to have some fun and worry about things a bit later. You are a good and kind person, so don't let anyone put you down or question your beliefs! Ignore the people that make you unhappy and think positive because you know that those are the people who matter the least to you. You a smart, independent and funny and any of those attributes would make you desirable!

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