You are LAUREN AND PAIGE!... How much of an 'All Time Low' fan are you?
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That is right! You know everything there is to know about All Time Low! Not only do you know every song there is by this wonderful band, but you know every lyric and can even identify a song by the first 5 seconds of music. You listen to them every day and love their older songs just as much as their newer pieces. You may have scribbed 'Mrs. Alex Gaskarth' into your diary at one point and have millions of ATL photos saved onto your computer! You have watched every youtube video with the words 'All Time Low' in them and would scream, grasp for air or faint if you ever crossed paths with one of them. This is prob not healthy and maybe you should seek help but you know one thing for sure: you are obbessed with All Time Low!

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