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You are the creator of this quiz. WOW that is fucking awesome. You are the big armenian of the group,*not the poser Tom*. You are usually found with the asshole bros around the condos tormenting your own friends. You are cute, sexy, always wearing a hood and you consider yourself funny. Potentially you are a d-bag. But in light of all of that your friends consider you the best person the entire planet has ever witnessed and they all will eventually get you gifts in return for all of your awesomeness. You also like to talk shit about pabst, jim beam, people you have never met, people you have met and actually like, and your own friends. So overall your the best choice, considering your the best looking, funniest, most creative and fun person on the planet. P.S hit me up for herbal at 993-7783, get at me homie

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