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Holy mother fucker you need to step back for a second and think to yourself, am I really Castello? I mean seriously, Castello? Dear lord, you lag so bad that it makes complete sense on why you suck so bad at smash bros. But seriously. You are new to SCV for the most part, and the newest of the group and you live with your cousin Lisa and nephew Dakotah. You are philipino and hawaiin and take pride in that, even though most of us have no idea why you would... You like theater, singing, acoustic guitar, smash bros, getting drunk off 1 beer and Usana to a point that it is obsessive. But in defense to all of that you still manage to keep a positive attitude and stay chill with your old and new homies alike. So overall your a pretty cool kid with a goku ass hair cut and some beliefs that your friends don't agree with. Oh and you bitch too much about not doing anything. Congrats Castello. Atleast you made the list.

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