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Your going to marrie a rich tall man, with brown hair. He will treat you like a queen, and always spoil you! He will propose to you on a carriage on a Saturday night. His name will be Conner. You will get married at a church and have a fantasy wedding! The brides dresses will be light pink. You will get married at the age of 23. Then, you will have your honey-moon at the Bahamas. Your first child will be at the age of 25. It will be a girl, names Leah. She will get great grades and have a lot of friends. Then you will have your 2nd child at 30 years old. It will be onother girl. Her name will be Alexa. She will be a party animal. You will live in a stone mansion in Monroe. Your husband will be a lawyer, and you will be a vet. Your life will be great!

You got this answer, because your sweet kind and very generous. You deserve a wonderful life.

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