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Normal life style. You will fall in love with Brendon, who has black and and big brown eyes. He will prpose to you on Christmas Eve under the christmas tree. You will get married next winter and have a a normal church wedding. Bridesmaids dresses will be navy blue. Honey-moon will be in Aruba. His job will be a Profesional Baseball player and you'll be his good luck charm! You will be 25 when you marry him. He will be 26. You will have a boy at 29 named Ryan. Then at the age of 35 you will have a baby girl named Kelsey. You will live in White House Station and have a yellow 2-leved floor house. Your dogs name will be Scats and it will be a English-bulldog. What an amazing life!

Your life will turn out like this becuase you are fit for a normal/perfect life.

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