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You will have a a great life. You will marry a handsome blonde, names James. He will give you what you want. His job will be a police, and he will be always there to pretect you! Your job will be a teacher. Perfect couple! He will propose to you on a beach in Florida. You will get married on a beach in Hawii and have your honey moon there too. The bridesmaid dresses will be light yellow. You will be 21 when you get married. You will have a baby boy at the age of 27. His name will be James Jr. Then you will have another boy at 30 names Michael. Your 3rd child will be a baby girl names Rylee at the age of 34. You will live in a brick normal-sized house in Mountain Side and your kids will have nice friends, and get good grades. What a wonderful life.

You got this becuase you don't want to live a famous life, or a poor life. The middle is great and that is defenitly your future life!

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