Your result...

TROGDOR!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the ultimate fan...

you run around screaming TROGDOR at the top of you lungs.. people look at you weird but thats ok because you know you have trogdor the burninator who can burninate all your enemys by burninating them. you most likely have a statue erected in his honor and bow down to all his majesty... your walls have posters of trogdor and your song on your myspace is TROGDOR... you play guitar hero just for the togdor song and your recent birthday had a trogdor cake... you are a master if angry eyebrows and never EVER forget the consummate V's you have a single butch arm and love wingaling dragons... are you trogdor??? thats what everyone is saying and if you dont watch out they will start making statues of you!! i have one final question how many times have you watched the video?

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