Firebender... Are you an Air, Fire, Water or Earth Bender?
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The Fire Nation, an island nation, is located near the planet's equator in the western hemisphere and comprises an archipelago of volcanic islands, drawing its inspiration from countries like Japan, China, Iceland, and Indonesia, as well as the many volcanic Pacific islands. The Fire Nation is home to an order of men and women who practice Firebending, the pyrokinetic ability to create and control fire. The Fire Nation armed forces had subjected much of the globe to colonization and imperialism over the course of a century-long campaign of expansion. Fire is the element of power; its people have an energetic willpower to strive to get what they want and need and the drive to get it, as reflected in Firebending. As with many of the names of people and places in the Avatar series, the Fire Nation clearly have Chinese influences. Women wear their hair in various updos, usually simple and elegant in style and noblewomen often sport long, sharp, well-manicured nails. Men have various hairstyles; those of importance and higher class wear a traditional bun or top-knot accompanied by a hairpiece. Men also sport prominent sideburns, some accompanied with beards or goatees. Fashion in the Fire Nation mimics traditional Chinese elements as well. Layers of various colors, coats, and traditional pieces of armor are common elements in their style, as in Chinese traditional clothing. Citizens and rulers of the Fire Nation wear colors ranging from black, to brown, to various reds, very often accented by gold lining or jewelry. Skin complexion is usually fair or pale, however sparingly ranges to tan and darker brown. Those from the Fire Nation have golden, amber or light gray-blue eyes. While the sun is the origin and inspiration for Firebending, dragons were the Firebenders that taught them how to Firebend. The philosophy of Firebending from when it was first created differs radically from that of the present-day Fire Nation. Originally representing warmth, energy and life, the Fire Nation's is fueled by rage and anger. Firebending in itself is not totally devoted to unleashing the power of fire on opponents. In actuality, the focus is placed upon balance. Firebending hinges on mental stability such as inner calm, discipline, emotional stability and physical stability such as a firm balanced form, breath control and general good health. Firebenders are more powerful during the day than the night. Firebenders lose their power to bend during a solar eclipse. When a Comet is near, a Firebender's power is vastly increased. This gives them the ability to fly and produce pillars of fire and gigantic fire blasts. Firebending moves are based mainly on the style of Northern Shaolin. Northern Shaolin Kung Fu features quick, successive and flamboyant attacks, making Firebending the most aggressive of the four bending arts. Firebenders tire much easier in battle than other benders due to breath control. Breath control is one of the first things taught to young Firebenders because without control of breath, they are more prone to lose control of the fire they are creating or controlling.

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