Waterbender... Are you an Air, Fire, Water or Earth Bender?
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Members of the Water Tribe live mainly in one of two nation-states: the Southern Water Tribe or the Northern Water Tribe, who inhabit the South and North Poles, respectively. A branch of the Water Tribe exists in the Earth Kingdom swamp, called the Foggy Swamp Tribe. The Water Tribe is home to an order of men and women who practice Waterbending, the mystical art of hydrokinesis. On the South Pole, Katara is the only water bender left, since the Fire Nation killed or captured her fellow benders in their raids . In contrast, the North Pole has a multitude of water benders. There, Northern Water Tribe culture dictates that only men can use their bending skills for fighting and that the women must learn to use water bending for healing. Water is the element of change; the Water Tribe embraces change and can easily adapt to different situations, as reflected in Waterbending. The Water Tribe's national emblem is a circle comprising of a white waning crescent moon and three black wavy horizontal lines representing ocean waves and is often found in the architecture of the Water Tribe. Like the Earth Kingdom's national emblem, it has a literal and figurative meaning to the Water Tribe. The crescent moon and the ocean waves in the emblem symbolize, Tui and La, the Moon and Ocean Spirits, which give their people life and strength. Each of the Four Nations is influenced by its own distinct, dominant season. The Water Tribe's dominant season is winter. More Waterbenders are born during winter than any other season and their powers are at their strongest during the season, due to the longer nights. Because the Water Tribe lives mostly near the poles, winter-like weather is near constant. Waterbenders originally learned Waterbending from the Moon. The ancestors of the Water Tribe noticed the push and pull effect the Moon has on the tides of the ocean. Eventually, these first Waterbenders learned how to manipulate water themselves. Waterbending is based on Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art that features slow movements and elegant forms that evoke the feel of flowing water. Waterbending's strongest asset lies within its defensive capabilities. Unlike some other bending disciplines, Waterbending focuses on turning an opponent's own strength against themselves, rather than direct strikes. Since water can exist in different physical states, Waterbenders can freeze, melt, evaporate, sublimate or condense water at will. The ability to alter the physical state of water gives Waterbenders an array of defensive, evasive and offensive techniques in battle such as encasing an opponent in ice, hiding behind a wall of mist, surfing on bodies of water on a platform of ice, and battering enemies with lashing whips and waves. Waterbenders can also manipulate the molecular cohesion of water for cutting and grabbing objects or running on water. Benders are also able to encase their arms in water allowing them to blast water from their hands. They can also pull water into tentacles to block objects being thrown. While a bender's victory in battle is usually based on skill and technique, a Waterbender gains a notable advantage or disadvantage over other bending arts depending on the amount of water in their vicinity. Waterbenders have the ability to utilize water in its various forms, enabling them to freeze (or compress) water into ice, immobilizing enemies, and to evaporate it into steam, facilitating stealth capabilities. Skilled Waterbenders can freeze water using their breath. Due to their spiritual connection with the Moon, Waterbenders are more powerful at night than during the day, and are at their most powerful during the Full Moon, while being powerless during a lunar eclipse or when the Moon Spirit is in danger.

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