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Luke Screaigh

He calls himself The Quarter Back (QB) however we all know that he is mearly the Team Wanna Be. Although not yet proven in goals he does show a lot of strength and potential in the midfeild as well as up fron in attack. Luke as showed us that he is more than capable on both the right and left foot which was evident when he scored a sensational goal from half way with his left foot. Truly amazing. In his arrogance Luke usually fails to pass the ball to anyone and will instead have a wild shot at goal whenever and wherever possible. Besides the times when Luke is off with his head on the clouds or just checking out near by chicks, he is an extremely focused player and will talke it upon himself to get the team motivated before, during and after games. It is quite incredible how many times a person can swear in a pump up speach, and yet still have no effect on the teams anxiety to win. All in all Luke is a player who can do a lot of damage.

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