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char char, krocco nae nae and grace

the dopest room out. grace keeps you in line and is the only reason you slept all trip. nae nae pressures char into everything by saying 'do it.. you wont' and this gets char into trouble. kayla rocco is the funniest person youll ever meet and got yelled at a fair bit by kirsty for no apparent reason, the girl noone expected to be so funny and be so much fun to be aroiund. char char or peroxide 1, cant go a day without running into something or having a good vomit. everyone thinks she's stupid but really shes smart.. its just funny to pay her out. nae is peroxide 2 and she tries to be a bully but we all know she wont touch anyone. she twitches when she sleeps and has an obsession with brothels and swinger houses.. got to love her. and then theres grace.. everyone just loves grace! the mum of the room that we saw get her party side out a few times ;) KI MAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMA PUDDY CAT

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