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hannah, skye, bec larecki and sammy

boys, boys and boys. you belong with a great bunch of girls that make a trip lots of fun. although noone heard a sentence come out of there mouth that didnt have something to do with males we cant imagine a trip without them. bec larecki is the loud type that always puts a smile on everyones faces. skye.. heavily influenced by hannah. a great girl who loves to have fun and you can always count on her to be there if you need her. hannah never came to meetings or breakfast on time and always took the longest to get ready but everyone loves her because its hard not to. is known to be grounded from seeing the boys as that was the only way we could stop her. then theres sammy. our goalie :) she has her moods but we all know theres a great person in there and as a team we wouldnt have done it without her. the room that always had someone on the phone no matter what and you belong in a room that reckons quiche belongs under the couch and not on their plate..

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