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Ashleigh Kennison ; Asha

You are very mature and knowledgeable. You have style and looks and have always been part of the incrowd. You are extremely confident & You love to have fun, and you know how to ;) You and jee like to muck around and think dirty. Your friends are important and you are always there no matter what, you are important to them as they are to you. Your only nice to who deserves it. You adore summer and with it the bay, your game and always down with trying new things. You love guys that can shuffle and bay boys are what you fall for.Your social life includes lots of boys cause you find them more intersting than girls, but your not a slut. You are also care free and dnt pay any attention to what others think of you and this sometimes lead to other girls bitching and jealousy, you've been called a slut many times but what would they know. You are bestfriends with shimii and love her to bits.

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