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Jeanna Yem ; Jee

You're very dirty minded and you love to make people laugh, You make friends so easily, they instantly love you. Your always there for your friends, even though you sometimes don't help with you say. You're always been dragged along with asha to the bay in summer, but you don't mind the veiw ;) You don't really like the swimming part though since you almost drown. You may not think it but you're very pretty. You can be really bitchy and sometimes immature, you also don't think before you speak. You enjoy the company of boys over girls because boys are more fun, You like to muck around with you're mates and girl you got game, love living life on the edge. You can get down and shake your booty like beyonce ;D. You love boys that can dance. You have a mad taste in style and always knows whats hot, your weakness is shoes. You're a awesome friend to have.

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