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Shimaja Te-aho ; Shimii

You are the definition of beauty, inside and out. You're curvy and you're not always happy with that. You have the talented voice which people envy. You're the truest of friends and most always knows what to say. You give good advice and knows when its the right time to tell the truth. You are independant and got your own thing going on. You can be shy at first but once people get to know you your loved for who you are not just cause your beautiful. You don't follow the crowd you do your own thing with your own style which people envy and want to copy. You love shopping and spending money but are careful what on. You're not as confident as you should be and sometimes are a bit vain. You hate where you live and want to move. Going places with your bestfriends is always alot of fun, you even pick up guys ;D.

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