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Sarah Lynch ; Raah

You are known for your red hair and your dumb remarks. When it comes to school, you don't care, you hate where you go and don't get along with anyone but afew people. You have a strong love for the bay and frozen fantas. You like to act like abit of a tart, all in the name of fun. You loving taking pictures, always looking gorgeous. You are good to your friends, but let them walk over you abit. You have the coolest dad eveeeeeer. You love to party and drink and have a good time, You are constantly glued to your phone, and you go through credit faster than a permature bloke. Alot of people call you a bitch and thats because you show you don't like them. You're family is very sexual and thats why you are too. You do anything for you're friends but just remember who the real ones are.

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