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Soul Eater Evans (ソウル=イーター エバンス, Sōru Ītā?) is Maka's Demon Scythe partner. He has a laid back attitude, and he tries to maintain a "cool" image, to which he often compares his current situation. He drives motorcycle, which he and Maka use for transportation, and they live in an apartment together. They constantly bicker, often leading to confrontations, though they still work well together in battle. He is Soul comes from a family of skilled musicians, and his older brother, Wes Evans (ウェス エバンス, Wesu Ebansu?), is a skilled violinist. Soul is a skilled pianist, and despite playing a "dark song" for Maka during their first encounter, he doesn't like to play for others and he states that he doesn't know what he is "capable of" compared Wes, who he considers to be a master of the violin. Soul is a traditional scythe in his weapon form. He and Maka are able to use the soul resonance techniques, Witch-Hunt Slash (魔女狩り, Majogari?) and Demon-Hunt Slash (魔人狩り, Majingari?), which turn the blade into a extremely large crescent. Demon-Hunt carries Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength. After becoming a Death Scythe, he is able to manipulate the length of his blade, and he becomes capable of generating wings due to Maka's "Grigori soul", though they fight over the style of the wings. Soul is infected with the black blood due to being slashed by Ragnarok, which causes him to spread insanity to Maka whenever it acts up.

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