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Maka Albarn (マカ・アルバーン, Maka Arubān?) is Soul's meister. The two make a good team, though Maka is prone to violent outbursts when Soul does something foolish. She is a dedicated student, who always scores at the top of the class, and the daughter of Death Scythe. She has a very strained relationship with him due to his excessive flirting with other women, which lead her mother to divorce him. Maka is a skilled scythe meister, able to utilize the Witch-Hunt and Demon-Hunt techniques with ease when resonating her soul with her partner, Soul. She is skilled in Soul Perception, which allows her to track souls and judge their strength. She has the potential to develop the ability to the point where she can detect witches despite their spells, which makes her a great threat to them. When resonating with Soul, the black blood from Soul also begins to affect Maka, which causes her to slowly dip into insanity if they cannot control it. She eventually develops an "anti-insanity wavelength", which allows her to repel the effects. After Soul becomes a Death Scythe, she becomes obsessed with using their new flying ability and the shape of the wings.

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