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Black Star

Black Star (ブラック☆スター, Burakku☆Sutā?) is a descendant of the Star Ninja Clan, which was notorious for doing anything for money. They were hated and feared throughout the world, and DWMA was eventually forced to wipe them out. Black Star, an infant at the time, was the only one spared. He was taken in by Sid, and he doesn't hold a grudge over the slaughter due to the evil life his parents lived. The mark of his clan, a star tattoo on his right shoulder, causes trouble for him when people recognize it. Black Star wishes to be the center of attention and he has the goal of surpassing God in strength. He will upstage anyone who is receiving more attention than him and he constantly trains and challenges his classmates to fight, so that he can become stronger. Black Star's weapon partner is Tsubaki, which allows him to use a number of stealth techniques in battle. He likes to make himself known, which also ruins the advantage. He fights at high speed and uses Tsubaki's transformations to his advantage. He is also skilled in unarmed combat and he can manipulate his soul wavelength, allowing him to send it through an opponent's body to damage them directly. His obsession with power eventually leads other to believe that he will follow the path of his father, White Star (ホワイト☆スター, Howaito☆Sutā?) , who started to devour innocent souls in his search for power and almost became a demon god before being slain.

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