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Dr Stein

Franken Stein (フランケン・シュタイン, Furanken Shutain?), commonly known as Stein, is considered to be the most powerful meister to ever graduate from the DWMA. He views the world as his own place to experiment, and he constantly forces back urges of insanity that compel him to dissect everything. He loves to experiment, even going so far as to place a giant bolt through his own head, which he occasionally turns while thinking. He is the former partner of Death Scythe, who is very weary of Stein due to various experiments performed upon him. He starts to note that he cannot control his sanity after the Asura is released, which causes him to hallucinate and act extremely reclusive. Despite being a meister, he is very formidable in hand to hand combat because of his understanding of soul wavelengths. He can match his own wavelength to that of his opponent to disrupt them, release it as a powerful current, create shields, and immobilize the enemy. He is also extremely skilled as a scythe wielder, and he can partner with Spirit with ease. Stein also partners with Marie Mjölnir (マリー・ミョルニル, Marī Myoruniru?) (Voiced by: Chieko Honda), the Death Scythe in charge of Oceania, in order to help calm him with her soothing wavelength. She is obsessed with the idea of marriage and retiring, and according to Asuza, Stein is her first love. She also had a former relationship with Joe Buttataki and wishes to find his murderer. Her weapon form is that of a small tonfa with a lightning insignia on the front. She can utilize a technique called "Izuna" to channel electricity into her meister's motor nerves, dramatically increasing their athletic ability. Her weapon form is much larger in the anime, and she has a "Redemption Wavelength", which can cure insanity.

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