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Wesley Snipes

you are a tax dodging nob end out of various mediocre and disappointing films, I say disappointing but they're not really because I was expecting them to be shit in the first place owing to your mediocre track record. You enjoy the no-brand bacon that is frequently on sale at Patsons general store and wear a scarf. If I was to ask you what your five favourite things are you would say 1 Holst's "The Planets", but only the loud and exiting parts which you wouldn't be able to name. 2 Red sauce. You would be too ignorant to call it ketchup and you would use too much of it, just like Wesley Snipes. 3 Blade: The Series, because every week you think you're gonna be in it, but you're not, someone else is and they're better than you even if there's no swearing or Kris Kristoferson in it. 4 Space Dust. Less fun than you remember, but you won't admit it. LET IT GO, SNIPES - GROW UP! 5 Photoshopping your face on a picture of a dog and making posters of it with the words "LOST: Wesley Snipes"

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