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You are the most revered and the oldest of occupations. You are the soldier, a minister of death working in the roughest office of the scarred fray. Whilst doing you're job, it is highly possible to see the worst that mankind has to offer - genocide, destruction, horror to the eyes, and recreations of hell that can make people go cracy till' death. Some never return back to the surface of civilization. The lucky bunch who do, come back into the welcome arms of civilians, whether in one piece of two. These men and women that you have been chosen to become are exalted by all, but just remember - this is truly the work of criminals who were allowed to bypass the law. In the future, you might have to commit murder, arsonry, and theft for the glory of your nation so that you can simply, make a living and brandish thy colours. It is a job that requires brawn and brain, and you perfectly fit into for that.

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