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Kahrynn Annese

your most like kahrynn! your pretty amazing, the one that everyone loves, the one maad bitty that everyone can turn too and trust, you can most likely be found down glenelg, glenelg, glenelg, hanging with your friends or having a good time on facebook. your happy and loud and lighten up a room, your the one with all the potential and the most amazing singer ever and ever and ever, you can act, your also great at netball and lots of sports aswell! and one of the prettiest girls in school even though your hopless at school itself, your so funny the teachers probs laugh at you and you cant WAIT to get to sacred heart senior! your a boy magnent and always have guys after you, your also a great flirt, your the oldest out of our group and going to be the first to drive and you cannot wait! you have great taste in music, and are never found without lots of bracelets and ankelets or other cool accesories you have great clothes/fashion sense and have unique style! she looooooves the adelaide crows.. literally but her obsession is country story and gossip girl. she always have pretty new hairstyles each day you love to capture memories on camera, you dont care what people think of you... much, many nicknames include rinnie, rinz, karka, kartin or stretchy shortcake replicating good memories, but you can always put a smile on someone elses face ;D

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