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Layla Henson

your most like layla! your one stunning girl anyone can tell you that your perfect at everything, you have the best unique style in the world! your so bright and bubbly all the time, your fckn amazing at prank phone calls and your literally a pro or a expert at them. Laylas pet passion is country story! you have the prettiest bracelets ever and probably the most ever, when times are at their worst friends know your a friend they can confide in! your pretty god dam smart and unfortuantly are going to join the asians for year ten **tear tear, everyone is going to miss you so much. your a brighton sls babe and we can find you jetty jumping absolutley everywhere, because you love the beach. your always up to have a good time with friends and family because to you they meen most. your can make anyone smile on their worst days and you have the cutest and most perfect laugh ever invented and you will find layla saying really? seriously? actually? maybe? aaalot, your hot and the guys love you! but not as much as we do. ;)

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