Madeline Hicks... Which marymount year 8 girl are you?
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Madeline Hicks

your most like maddy! let me tell you, your loved. maddy cares about her friends and family alot! shes got greaaat music taste, shes a really special person, shes always up for shopping or just hanging anywere really, shes quite a fan of the beach and she is one day going to be playing netball for australia due to the fact that shes really that good at netball! maddys a fun gal to hang with but shes also the most responsible and probably the most mature out of our group. oh my, she has the best blue eyes ever and they are to die for, maddys one of those individual people who can really keep secrets! and shes also very loyal. shes one of those people that you can stay up all night with just talking and laughing the night away shes laughs at the stupidest things ever but we love her for that shes always up for GOSSIP. she has aaaalot of cool perfume and your/her smile makes everyone smile.

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