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Raquel Green

your most like raquel green! no words are big enough to describe how wonderful raquel really is, shes a major amazing babe. let me guess your always always always there for people with advice? sounds familiar.... raquel is personalitity full! shes actually a freak at japanese its so good! shes one of the smartest people you might ever meet! shes really really pretty! shes also really good at making love relationships work, shes like fkn cupid or close (: you will have some hilarious but amusing moments with roo-kana-ma-fattaa, shes one of the funniest girls on earth, raquel is hysterical at laughing she wont stop for hours, she loves to surf and maybe the best out of her and layla? she has plenty of nice clothes and pretty blue eyes, without raquel our group just wouldnt function properly shes one of these people that keeps us together shes aaaaalways smiling, it drives you nuts, she loves hitting the movies often we love her for everything. if you hadnt heard raquel already fifty million times already lets say it a bit more. raquel, raquel, raquel, raquel, raquel, raquel, raquel (as emily would say.)

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