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Molly Price

your most like molly! we really love her, she always puts a smile on our face or make us laugh at her random, silly and sometimes weird comments. Shes up with all the new fashion out and is a fan of fashion icons. shes always having a good time, like molly your probably always excited and getting everyone hyped! i bet molly really is going to be a fashion desiner when she grows up because shes so creative at it if not probably a model, molly has has THE PRETTIEST NATURAL HAIR EVER, shes like an angel, shes really into hit tv shows like The Hills, 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Home and Away. shes just so bright its blinding, she also has a mini-mee sister thats adorablee, you would notice if molly wasnt there because shes loud, but then again were a loud group... shes smart (when she wants to be) haha but if your really like molly than your pretty lucky.

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