Conner Mcknight... Which 3rd Eight year 12 TC rower are you?
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Conner Mcknight

You didn't actually make it into the crew on head of river day this year due to sickness, but rowed admirablly throughout the season. You're pretty messed up, and your total disregard for rules of any sort left you the most fun to row with. You deliberately raised the level of chirp every row, exemplified in Walpole when you convinced the entire shed to walk down to the local shops topless to scare some indigenous folk that called you a pussy, and can be found glancing down at your "rippling 6 pack" all year round. The only crew member to maintain themselves after rowing season, you were the black sheep of the crew. Walpole led us all to think you were motivated in the runs, until you requested if we could just "go back to bed, because it's raining".

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