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You are by far the largest alcoholic of the bunch, with your nightly routine consisting of some form of hard alcohol (eg. tequila/vodka/midori) that is stashed in shoeboxes in your cupboard. You still manage to get the As (which you believe is thanks to your beverage consumption) and are still deep down the little year 7 nerd who asked for extra homework, except now the full grown slut version. You never know what you said/did/promised the night before and most stories begin with the sentence 'this one time when i was really drunk...' for example, promising a certain tc boy sexual favours in the state library. You have a penis mentality and is always up for a good time ;) You have infectious positivity about life and all things in general which is why so many people love you, you former top deck (hello netto...) you have such a positive outlook that you refuse to eat grumpy or angry tiny teddies and make yourself appreciate life by sticking pictures of african children up on your bedroom walls.

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