Andy Gray ... What Kirrawee Year 12 Boy Are You?
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Andy Gray

You are Andy Gray. You are a young, vibrant lad who shares his name with a famous soccer commentator. Andy lives in the plush region of Como on the Woronora River where an abundance of activities occur during summer. Many a fish has been caught in the late afternoon before wandering over to the family boat, appropriately named "Ratbags" after Andy's sister Alana. Andy's other sibling Michael loves to wear ponchos and appreciate various walks of life. Andys girlfriend Fee of god knows how long (because Andy doenst) has recently grown accustom to spending some alone time together without parents in the house (yes, we do no wat that means). But of course it is all later discussed over a beer in the hand built "Rome" (because it wasnt built in a day) which is a small entertaining area built by the boys. Finally Andy is a vital member of the Gymea 18A1's side who has been known to miss an open goal or two but all in all is a good bloke.

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