Mitch Walkerden ... What Kirrawee Year 12 Boy Are You?
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Mitch Walkerden

You are Mitch Walkerden or perhaps better known as Walko or Wayne. Mitch lives in lovely surroundings of Loftus where many a chlorine bomb and batch of naplame have found itself being put into effect. Also his backyard hosts many occasions such as a golf driving range, poker arena and a place for the un-named to pull billys. Mitch continually finds himself at the butt of many jokes but to his credit continues to laugh it off and it is well known that his 21st is going to be a very long night. Mitch applies his trade for Rockdale Suns but is the Gymea 18 A1’s Head Supporter and has had to be calmed down pitch side after abusing the shit out of the referee who more often than not is David Ward or Katheryn Kingsley.

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