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You are Dazzza! You are pretty rowdy but knuckle down when you have to. You are seen either sitting with Davo and Tahnee who you have some mass competitive streak with, or with the amazing flicko or on occasion with the maddo's Turnbull and Beardy ( Who you sit with depends when you decide to get to class, you seem to be always last there) You love just getting into Hodgo :). You rep the 'Maine 16's! Kerrie is your fave teacher and you get along like a house on fire. You can be heard saying anyone or all of these phrases, "Oh get out Tahnee and/or Dave!" "SHUT UP HODGO!"..."THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT" and finally "It's all cool Stewie, we're learnnniiinggg (check sam's video)". All round class act.

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