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YOU ARE BIG DAVOO! Always sitting with Tahnee and Flick, you are involved in the "competition". You are hard to miss with you giant size and your mad ability to spin your pen! You concentrate when you have to but make sure you get all your info down. You smash SAC's and love the occasional rip of Hodgo. You can be heard in the classroom saying "Shut up Hodge or I'm gonna belt you"...."God I just wanna punch him in the face" or..."Cass, noooo....". You are also seen the majority of the time with lil' Dazza and you join in his rowdiness occasionally. During footy season, you two would swap stories of how good footy was. You love the Kez (you might have had something to do with her daughter a while ago...) You love the ol' summary book and when it comes to assessment time, bring out the goods.

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