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Matthew Fisher

You are the true leader of the team no matter how much hate you cop from all angles. Your illustrious career precedes you however your emotion tends to get you in the bad books of opposition players. Fortunately, your game is able to back it up. Content with cruising through the game without doing much on the offensive end - when the team is in trouble you're there for that game changing 3. Your an extremely streaky shooter but when it's needed - you more often than not provide. You're likened to Chris Paul because of your silky smooth ball handling that in its prime saw you as the first option for the full court press buster in your representative career. You've also inherited Paul's ability to drop pinpoint accurate tear drops in heavy traffic - playing amongst the trees doesn't phase you one bit. You are always a coaches favourite because of your never say die attitude and non stop hustle - you amazingly somehow find another level when the games on the line and when the competition gets stiffer such as in State Championships - where your team repeatedly looked to you for guidance on both ends of the court every game. The fact you congratulate other players on plays which happened as a direct result of your actions whether offensively or defensively - makes you a natural born leader - and this is shown as you've captained Senior representative premiership winning basketball teams and state teams. You're the one and only #11.

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