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Hot Asian Guy

Youre that girl that everyone describes as kind and cute,the one who likes anime and the one who loves art. The one whos so weak it makes people wonder how you came out to be so strong in the end. In high school many guys were falling for you but you didnt seem to notice or had the time to care. When it came to prom, an extremly hot asian guy noticed you in the corner crying. He bent down and stared with his handsome eyes. "And why dont you have a date?" He said. You turned away and mumbled "Because the guys who asked me out had girls who liked them." He chuckles and puts his hand out. "Come on." You stared up quizically. He waves his hand at you a little and repeats "Come on." You take his hand gently and he pulls you up. "Someone like you shouldnt be sitting out like this." He says and starts leading you into the stadium. "Wait!" You try to stop him. "Someone like you has tons of girls to dance with! You'll make them upset!" He smirks and pulls you close. "Then thatll be exactly what I want."

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