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Sweet Shy Blonde

Youre an average girl with average qualities ...and a overly cute boyfriend :). In high school you had the three close friends and 1 ugly enemy. You had a good rep in school and out. Youve dated 3 or 4 guys in the past but it never really came out right. Guys are such would always think. The day before the prom night you had already given up the hope to finding a date, to you, it was really just the satisfaction of dancing with your friends. Until...... "Hey....." You hear a quiet voice behind you. Turning around you see your chem partner. You smiled and replied "Whats up?" He fidgets and looks to the side and back at you. "Are you going to prom tomorrow?" He asks. You nod. He blinks and gulps. "doyouwandneaprom?" You make a face and go . "What?" He looks down with a deep blush. "Do you want to go to prom with me?" You smiled and replied. "Sure!" . PROM NIGHT. You two were dancing slowly and at the end of the song he leaned in and gave you a kiss. "Sorry...Im not too good at that...." You giggled and kissed him back. "You can get better."

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