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Smoking Crazy Rebel

You're loud and the first one to jump the diving board. The first to do whatever the hell want and no one to stop you. Youre most likely to swear if something scares you and punch the !!!!!! out of that mother!!!!!1@#!. In high school youd never keep it a secret who you like because you would want to ask them out just like that. This became very frightening for all the other guys.... On your prom night you were wildly dancing with your friends till your eye caught one of the hottest guy there ever was. It wasnt just his face....his body was too. He wasnt even wearing a shirt to prom! .....Hell yeah is what you just thought...when you saw him. You slinked over to where he was and showed off what you got. He took it and added a little spice to it. Before you knew, you guys had already claimed the dancefloor...........It wasnt long till you claimed the parking lot XDDD. Even if you think thats know you couldnt have resisted...

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