the ViOLENT CONTROLLiNG BOMB!... what kind of LOVER are you?
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You like to be the boss and you think every decision made should only take place under your consent. You need to know where they are at at all times and you feel it is only right if they do as you please. You get very jealous when your significant other spends time with anyone else and can get very violent. You think that fear will make them obey you and brutally beating them will knock some senses into them. You also tend to make a lot of assumptions and promises to kill who ever he/she leaves you for or who ever helps her/him. You despise her/his friends or family and hate it when they are around. in fact you thinks its either you or his/her friends that go because you all cant live in the same world. try taking deep breaths or go on a walk when you know you are about to explode.

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