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the one you love is like your own personal brand of heroin. You are so addicted that when you are apart you feel like you whole life is crashing down on you! you need them by you every second of the day. You have a shrine of him/her in your room and pictures of him/her everywhere in your room. You cant help but scribble their name everywhere in your books. You recently fought with him/her because you felt like he/she is seeing someone else since they only hung out with you 6 days this week instead of 7. When he/she doesn't answer the phone because he/she left it in the room on the charger you think they are lying and talking to someone else. try giving them some space. the more you smother them, the faster you are going to loose them. if you don't trust them then you might as well not be with them. if there's no trust then there's no love.

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