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Your a hot as bitch, with ya hot as body, always strutting ya stuff! Doin the lash for your hubby or ya misses, but your a top chick and always there to cheer up ya best friends when they need ya the most. Absolutely hilarious when it comes to punchin on and ya got deadset no shame! Got a chilled as vibe about ya, dead set could stay in bed forever. Loves rollin in the dosh and when ya got it ya gotta spend it. THE WORST when it comes to phones, seems to break them as soon as u get em, but its ok cause u’ll just pull a new one from somewhere. Great with the one liners straight to the point and always tell a good joke, sometimes at the most random moments. Ya do tend to laugh at your own jokes but people just laugh cause your laughin. Loves the nana cardigans and most times have plumbers crack which adds to ya sex appeal. Ya mates can always count on ya to have there back and give them a home for a couple days. Great with sharing some TLC even if ya a bit lez. All up your the bestmate anyone could ask for.

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