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you are a crazy girl who doesnt give a shit about what other people think! when you drink, you drink excessively, when you dance, you may fall over. sometimes you make a fool of yourself by telling boys repeatadely how good they smell. you rep an excel around the bronx, play music like you've got subs even though it sounds like shit, you love wearing stockings but also dont mind taking them off...if they get a rip in them, west st is better than erina for you. you need to remember to give way even though you may take out the giveway sign in the process of it. your good at sneaking around and not letting your loved ones know, you put on a great german accent and repeat umina boys names. you like the word cunt just cause it pisses people off. you have no problem expressing your hate for certain people on trees and busting your nuckles open. stalking is one of your specialities, being in a relationship is not. you freely admit that sex is great and you dont mind your boobs being the centre of attention

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